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5 Massage styles every pregnant person should experience.

Updated: May 30, 2023

Say yes to massage choices during pregnancy! These 5 massage services at South Philly Wellness will make your prenatal journey easy to enjoy.

Prenatal massage and bodywork is safe, effective, and worthwhile at EVERY stage of pregnancy. Wether the test stick is too faint to read clearly, or you are approaching to the last few weeks of your pregnancy, we have your body needs covered. At SPW our treatment spaces are all equipped with pregnancy side lying pillow systems designed to comfortably expand its support through to the 4th trimester and your post- partum recovery.

Indian Head Massage aka: Champissage

A seated, clothed service focusing on the shoulders, neck and scalp. Light, swift movements whisk away the tension. Calming energy work balances your heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Tapping, rhythmic hair tugging refreshes the scalp and invigorate circulation. Gentle compressions on the face on marma points open the sinuses, a cooling face massage with Ayurvedic Kansa wands restores your glow and sends puffiness on its way! Restore gloss and vitality to hair with an oil treatment & conclude with face steaming and rose or cucumber hydrosol to cool and refresh the skin. $115, 1 Hour

Shiatsu A traditional Japanese style acupressure treatment is modified to the massage table in side lying position after your baby bump appears. Gentle compression, joint mobility, subtle stretches and direct pointed contact along the energetic lines called meridians smooth emotional states, calm the nervous system and bringing balance and restore harmony to the 14 organs identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We can focus on points to alleviate morning sickness, quell sacral iliac joint pain and sciatica, and after 37 weeks, induction points may be incorporated. $115, 1 Hour

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a subtle light touch technique focused on returning excess fluid in the tissues back toward the lymph nodes so it can be processed out of the body. During pregnancy sinus pressure and stuffiness, swollen hands and feet can become a nuisance. A gentle focused MLD session can help alleviate the pressure of excess fluid. $85, 1Hour

Thai Reflexology is a form of acupressure often focusing on calves & feet, hands & forearms but may incorporate points on any part of the body. Thai Reflexology can address sinus inflammation, nausea and digestive upset due to morning sickness, migraines and headaches, foot pain, pregnancy related carpal tunnel $70, 1 Hour, $90, 90 minutes

Prenatal Massage

Our Specialty Prenatal massage is begins with an intake conversation that outlines your needs intentions and goals for your session. From there Jennifer will begin with a swedish style approach, using massage oil or lotion sweeping strokes to stimulate circulation and calm the nervous system adding in a variety of techniques working from scalp to toes, easing tension, reduce pain and discomfort, decrease inflammation, improve mobility and provide deep relaxation while addressing knots, muscle cramps and generalized aches of pregnancy.

Prenatal massage at SPW features the professionally designed Oakworks side lying pillow system. 5 memory foam pillows cradle and support the body reducing pressure point discomfort at the hip and shoulders, offer stability under the belly to prevent twisting at the low back, support for the chest and arms prevents hands from falling asleep, and proper alignment from ankle to hip avoiding hip discomfort.

$115, 1 hour $155, 90 Minutes

We welcome you to book your sessions through our online scheduling system. Our suggestion During pregnancy and post-partum is to create a standing appointment for monthly services. Booking 1-2 weeks in advance will help you reserve the weekend time that best serves you. Week day and evening appointments are available as well with less need to plan ahead.


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