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Women's Health
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Cis gendered women and Non-binary uterus bearing people are creative, innovative, nourishing, and sustaining forces in this world. From childhood to wisdom keeper, the physical being shifts in size, shape, and perceived worthiness. Our bodies serve as documentary vessels, holding onto echoes of emotion, and reflecting our life experiences. The pains, discomforts, and limitations of "womanhood" are not in your head. This is the place to awaken wisdom and build self-care practices to heal our digestion and reproductive selves.


Please note services are prepaid at the time of booking  

Prenatal Massage $115/ $155

a Woman is receiving prenatal massage to the abdomen

Prenatal Massage is safe during all three Trimesters. At SPW our focus is soothing the discomforts and sleeplessness that often accompanies pregnancy in the second and third trimesters.  Headaches, neck, shoulder pain and sciatic nerve discomfort will melt away with light to medium pressure.

Our Prenatal Massage is performed in the side lying position with a uniquely designed pillow system specific for pregnancy. The pillow system provides exceptional support for the torso and head and negates pressure typically placed on the hip and shoulder while lying on ones side. Properly positioned, one can relax and drift away for much needed respite. 

Unscented organic oils and lotions have been selected to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for mother and baby.


Post Partum Massage $115/$155

Receiving post-partum massage can happen as early as the week of birth or as late as 6-9 months into parenthood. Massage post-partum is about relieving lingering discomforts from delivery along with the shoulder and backaches that  come along with feeding and holding  your newborn. As a trained Post Partum Doula, Jennifer can help you find your stride and make recommendations that will help get you on track with your baby.

Post Partum Moms who underwent surgical intervention during labor may require focused abdominal massage and or scar tissue reduction techniques to feel their best.

This is a perfect time to restore yourself, catch a nap and rejuvenate with some “Mommy time”  You can not pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Abdominal Therapy $215/$115

Abdominal Therapy for digestive and fertility health

Around the world, traditional cultures use abdominal massage to promote health and vitality. At the center of our being, the abdomen shelters the vital systems of digestion, elimination, reproduction as well as blood and lymph circulation.


Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ (ATMAT) is a system of bodywork that combines massage, structural balancing, lymphatic stimulation, topical compresses and warm herbal steams to improve the health of pelvis.  It improves circulation and helps release deeply held tension in the abdominal core and pelvic floor, breathing improves, anxiety is soothed, and digestion and elimination become more robust. In our practice abdominal therapy focus is on female reproductive health and supporting fertility.


We work with specific protocols for fertility,  PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids.

Fertility focused clients will experience best results when receiving abdominal therapy 3-6 months prior to conception. This work is best received days 1-23 of a regulated menstual cycle. For those with unpredictable menses, we would avoid working during active menstrual bleeding.

 ***Please Note this is not appropriate technique for women who are current IUD Users or who are pregnant. 

Scar tissue manual release

Scar Tissue Release $55

Scar tissue from c- section, mastectomy, breast reduction, gender affirming top suregeries can be hard, uneven, inflexible and cause pulling sensations throughout the body.  Working the affected tissue with systematic friction techniques and electrostim tools can help break down and soften the physical and visual presence of a scar. To begin working scars and incisions must be fully closed, and at least 6 weeks healed.  Scar tissue release can be fairly intense, thus 30 minute sessions are scheduled. 

Yoni and V-Steams $60

A woman in a satin gown is receiving a vaginal steam yoni steam pelvic hydrotehrapy session

Bajos, pelvic floor steams, yoni steams or vaginal steam baths are a traditional Mayan bath for the pelvic region. A relaxing seated experience that combines hot water and herbs to gently cleanse and purify. Warmth is focused on the exterior structures of the pelvis to dispel tension, increase circulation while steam carries the herbal benefits to be absorbed through the skin and mucosal membranes.

All steam services include intake and menstrual cycle assessment, suggestions for ongoing care and water. To compliment our healing work SPW is an alcohol free zone. 

All steams are private affairs unless specifically booked otherwise.

Group V-steams can be booked in SPW’s Lounge for individuals and groups of up

to 6 participants by request. 

Basic V-Steam 

V-Steam with Reiki

V-Steam with Herbal Foot Bath 

V-Steam with Castor Oil Pack - best choice for fibroids, PCOS, and endometriosis

V-Steam Herbs and supplies are available for purchase when visiting with an appointment.

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