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Experience Manual Lymphatic Drainage at South Philly Wellness

Updated: May 30, 2023

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a form of light bodywork.Manual Lymphatic Drainage serves to move lymphatic fluid out from the soft tissue to the lymph nodes where it can be processed to exit the body. Our Lymphatic system plays a role in cellular metabolism breaking down waste in the muscles and serves as part of our immune system keeping us healthy against microbes.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is particularly helpful for those recovering from illness, sports injuries and surgical interventions. Conditions where lymph nodes have been removed of compromised can benefit from MLD work because the fluid buildup in the affected area.

What conditions can be helped with Manual Lymph Drainage?




Pregnancy swelling in hands and feet


Facial puffiness

Sports Injury

Post surgery healing; mastectomy, top surgery, c section

If you have questions about wether MLD is right for your situation, please reach out to Jes. She can provide a 10 minute phone consult to help you find the solution to your concerns.


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