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Thanks for all the Love

Updated: May 11

Thank you to all our Prenatal and Postpartum massage clients who shared their stories by nominating us to Philadelphia Family.

South Philly Wellness has won our very first Love Award and it means more to me than you will ever know.

We could not have acheived this without you. Thank you for choosing us as your prenatal and postpartum provider of massage care.Thank you for the brutal honesty and the challenges you present on our tables. Thank you for trusting us on your road to conception, through the hurdles of unsuccessful cycles, the devistating losses and healing, the buzz from successful retrievals and transfers, the excitement of receiving your ultrasound images in our inbox, the elation of welcoming your rainbow babies earth side and the deep honor to assist in your physical recovery as you grow into parenthood.

I can’t wait for the award ceremony to hear the amazing stories you shared!


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