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A woman with purple hair giving a postpartum neck massage to a woman in sidelying position.

We help women & nonbinary folks
manage stress, relieve pain, heal trauma, and feel empowered through massage and bodywork

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Welcome to
South Philly Wellness

SOUTH PHILLY WELLNESS is a private massage and bodywork practice located in South Philadelphia's Pennsport Plaza. Expertly merging Western Science and Global Traditions our practitioners return you to a place beyond relaxation. 


Each session's intention draws our clients closer to cultivating body love and acceptance, releasing ingrained patterns of shame and limiting belief, shifting the cycles and habits contributing to chronic pain, dissolving threads that bind us in fear-based response, and healing energetic wounds- both personal and familial. 



Clients say they feel safe here to disentangle energetic burdens and find themselves returned to a state of authenticity.  This is restoration at every level. 

Our most popular services 

womb massage, abdominal therapy, arvigo mayan abdominal therapy,  mayan massage, fertility massage, belly massage

Abdominal Therapy

foot and hand reflexology, foot scrub,


manual lymphatic draianage, lymphatic massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ (ATMAT) is a system of bodywork that combines visceral massage, structural balancing, lymphatic stimulation, topical compresses and warm herbal steams to improve the health of pelvis.  Abdominal therapy improves circulation and helps release deeply held tension in the abdominal core and pelvic floor, breathing improves, anxiety is soothed, and digestion and elimination become more robust. In our practice abdominal therapy focus is on female reproductive health and supporting fertility.


We work with specific protocols for fertility,  PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids.

Intake session $215.00

Return sessions $115.00

Thai Style Reflexology

Pressure point massage restores energetic balance, reduces pain and swelling. Great for fertility support, prenatal discomforts, carpal tunnel, text thumb, plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. 

60 minutes $70. 00

90 minutes $90.00

Reflexology for Fertility

A precise treatment to stimulate points related to fertility, our protocol shifts to reflect eac of the phases of your menstrual cycle. 

60 minutes $70.00 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light skin-stretching technique promoting the movement of fluid out of swollen limbs. MLD specifically focued on the movement of lymphatic fluid. Addresses: Lymphedema, Lipidema, Vericose Veins, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sinusitus, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Surgical Swelling, Swelling from Sprains and Strains


60 minutes $85.00 

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a woman receives integrated therapeutic massage

Holistic healing is for everybody and every body

We stand for kindness. We believe in loving fiercely. We have faith in optimism. We believe in finding the magic. We know all bodies are beautiful. We believe movement is healing and fun. We know there is no path to happiness; happiness is the path. We are a sanctuary for goodness. Join us and begin your healing journey. We welcome clients who identify as cis gender female, non binary, and members of the LGBTQIA community.



We are so excited for you to explore our wonderful collection of intuitively designed massage experiences, all designed to help you heal your pain, and regain your power.

View our current pricing and service menu  through our scheduling system:

Wellness for Women

Cis gendered women and Non-binary uterus bearing people are creative, innovative, nourishing, and sustaining forces in this world. From childhood to wisdom keeper, the physical being shifts in size, shape, and perceived worthiness. Our bodies serve as documentary vessels, holding onto echoes of emotion, and reflecting our life experiences. The pains, discomforts, and limitations of "womanhood" are not in your head. This is the place to awaken wisdom and build self-care practices to heal our digestion and reproductive selves.  

Click through to detailed descriptions of services


  • Abdominal Therapy

  • Bodywork for Preconception

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Postpartum Massage

  • Scar Tissue Release

Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation & Pain Relief

These Massage Therapy sessions are created to address stress and pain. Relaxation and down time is needed to keep humanity in good spirits, but also to allow our nervous system recuperate from daily activities and stress.


Pain and discomfort can be severe and acute, or mild and intermittent. All pain is an important signal to slow down and take care.  Find the right form of touch to ease your pain and build toward lasting pain management. 

Culturally Inspired 

These forms of healing arts and bodywork were born from the traditions of Japan, China, Thailand, India, Polynesia and the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula.

We strive to present this work in ways that honor the traditional healing cultures of origin and expand the client experience. The intent is to offer each style as an inspired practice, sharing ancient wisdom through conscious touch and bringing the ritual of self connection back to the modern world.


Each style has a pace, rythym and quality of touch that is as unique as regional cuisine. Try them all to find the session that makes your body resonate. 

lomi lomi massage
vaginal steaming, v steaming, yoni steaming

Yoni & V-steam

Vaginal Steaming is a deeply relaxing experience that combines moderate temperature steam and herbs to alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. V-steaming is used as an adjunct therapy to address a wide range of women’s reproductive and menstrual concerns such as painful menstrual cycles, Fibroids, PCOS, PMS,  Endometriosis, and fertility challenges.

a pregnant woman and her partner engaged in massage

Prenatal Bodywork Workshop

Learn simple techniques to soothe and support neck, shoulder, low back & leg discomfort throughout pregnancy and during delivery. These techniques can be performed anywhere. Seated, side-lying, & reclined positions will be presented. This course runs 2.5- 3 hours in length to ensure confidence. 

Client Love

The new space is beautiful and inviting! My thai reflexology session with Jess was very relaxing. Jes shared a lot of good information with me and was very warm. She even gave me extra time and care because I was experiencing some back stiffness at the end of my appointment. It's obvious SPW cares about their customers having a good experience. I will return soon!

Melanie A.

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